I'm just your average teenager. I like to design games, practice the art of fighting, actually PLAY video games, and draw. I aspire to be a soldier for the U.S. Army, so I work hard daily. For many years, I have been studying Japanese and Chinese.

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Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - August 18th, 2018

I've been busy as of late trying to finish school. Sorry for not being on as much. In addition to that, I had personal problems to deal with and I'll try to post regularly. Thank you!

Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - November 17th, 2017

Hey, everybody!

I decided to close the book on the MMSFX project, but who's to say it won't show up later? Instead, I'm gonna focus on drawing quality content (or try to, drawing on a graphics tablets is still something I'm not used to) and possibly do a webcomic.


Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - February 1st, 2016

The MegaMan StarForce X game will be an anime. Realizing we were in over our heads, we decided to make an anime instead. The opening is in production and pretty soon episode one will be! Woo!

Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - December 11th, 2015

My friends and I are designing a game, but, however, it will NOT be put on Newgrounds. It will be a MegaMan fangame you can just download. Right now, the game is in its early stages of development. It won't be out for quite sometime. It may even be a couple years. Who knows? It's going to be worth it though. Just wait and see. I will, from time to time, post concept art for the game. It will probably end up one of the biggest MegaMan fangame projects on the web. Again, who knows? 

Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - December 9th, 2015

Hey, everyone, well, those who actually read what I write. I decided to start posting my artwork. In my opinion, I don't think I'm that good, but my opinion means nothing in the eyes and ears of the public. After all, we are all different as are our views. I think I might actually team up with my friend and we might make games. As soon as I can get the right software, I might post animations. I don't know what's going to happen. The last thing I uploaded got blammed. Oh well, I'll just post something and see what will happen. Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks, you know?

Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - November 4th, 2013

Hey guys, I know it's been a couple years since my last post. A lot has happened. I've gotten into a few accidents, a couple birthdays, other shiz like that. But I'm back and I might start posting animations. Not to mention artwork. Buh Bye!

Posted by MEGAMANSTARFORCE1234 - October 22nd, 2011

MegamanS.1234 here! Welcome to my user page. I was wondering how to make flash animations. It would be awesome if someone sent me the software.